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How to know what your gifted child is? How to maintain interest in learning and stimulate curiosity for children? Do you need to go to school, dance, drawing or early education classes at an early age? Perhaps that is the question common to many parents today. The article below will show you a key, which is "family education" to help parents confidently nurture talent from birth.

In the diversity of early educational methods in the world that is flourishing in Vietnam, many parents find it difficult to know what kind of education they should teach their children to attend pre-school. But there is a proven fact in developed countries like Japan and Israel that no matter how well educated ones are, there is no substitute for family education. Parents are the ones who directly raise children and make good habits for children every day.

Because only family education nurtures the personality and the most important qualities that help a child succeed later, these are the qualities.: 

  • Language ability, communication
  • Ability to think independently, creatively.
  • Capacity analysis
  • Patience
  • Ambitions
  • Curiosity. 

Family education attaches great importance to Japan. The core values of family education that they build to nurture their talents come from the very simple things that every parent can do.

Observe to see children excited about something

There will be no success unless we learn and do what we love. There will be no happiness if we are not doing what we love. Will not feel life regret if we are to choose their own way.

In order to have the fullest possible future, at an early age, observe what you are interested in. Next is to read the book or go to places related to the subject. When you want to challenge and risk your child, to help you adjust your direction in a safer area.

Experience to observe and feel

Want children to observe, or to send children to museums, exhibitions, historical monuments, libraries, ... To give children experience, let children play sports or take children to play sports Or bring children to the natural scenery in the forest or under the sea. Want to give your children a sense of touch, go to music shows, drama or art exhibitions. Instead of artificial play areas, the attraction from the real natural scenes is the best catalyst for forging rich senses and stimulating curiosity. Many astronomers have in common a love of astronomy that was rekindled from a young age as a result of their parents' observations of the observatory. The more experience, the greater the curiosity of children.

Praise and trust

How to help a child self-confidence? How does the motivational child try? The secret here is never to compare it with any other kid, even with brothers in the house. In addition, a study at Stanford University has shown that compliant children are "trying" to be more interested in learning, better at academic achievement than children who are praised "Very smart". So parents know that parents always encourage me with the sentence "I try very hard", and always express confidence in myself "Oh, my parents always believe in me"

Put a bookcase in the living room

Reading is the best way to access knowledge. Nurturing love with reading from the first few months of life is something almost every Japanese family values. Between the ages of 0 and 6, children are read to Ehon stories every day, many times a day, and the Japanese consider Ehon to be the starting point for love. With reading later. There are a lot of families who give their children books, not toys or candy, to help them feel "books are fun". Parents do not have to force the "read the book", but the children themselves can naturally shape the joy of reading because of the habit of contacting the book at an early age.

If the living room of Vietnamese people is often considered the face of the family to receive guests, so the way of furnishing must do to see the real "to" show "aesthetic taste", the living room of the family The Japanese are aiming to simplify and try to design it to be a "nurturing environment for children". Because the living room is the place where the whole family meets up the most often, parents can read books together, talk, and whenever possible, with their hands to read the book for reference.

Hideo Kageyama and Noriyasu Nishimura, Japan's most prominent education consultants on child molestation, commented that just by looking at the living room of a family, 90% Does the child have a good education? Because if the living room does not display too many decorations, the bookcase is placed in a different room with a variety of books for the whole family, especially foreign languages, encyclopedias, reference books, and maps. Hanging wall, it is the ideal environment to help children enjoy reading and knowledge. The first place to study for a child is not a school, but a family, especially a family room.

Three key phrases are suggestive.

Communication between parents and children is a very important key not only to make the bond of love and relationships more trustworthy, but also to nourish the momentum of the child. The three most common parenting strategies that parents adopt or adopt are:

  • When you give your opinion, ask your mother: "So with this, what do you think?"
  • When you give your opinion, please praise: "Very hard to think, very sensitive."
  • When you do not know the answer, say: "Let's go find the answer together"


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