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Gốm Minh Long En

Minh Long has launched the product line Minh Long Healthycook, with the highlight is a set of pots, moss green moss cooks to keep all nutrients of food fried, fried, boiled, steamed for hours.

General Director of Minh Long - Ly Ngoc Minh Co., Ltd., it is a bold, bloody revolution that he studied, pursued more than 10 years.

According to Minh, earthenware has been used by housewives because the earthenware is not corroded by acids and alkalis found in food (when cooking at high temperatures) and does not produce toxic substances like needles. species. However, this product still has some limitations such as poor heat transmission, long ripening time, cracking, thermal shock.

Providing birth defects overcome the disadvantages and promote more outstanding features such as: better heat shock; no yeast breaking, yeast breaking, cracking yeast; It does not produce harmful substances, while enhancing the heat radiation to help food ripen faster, ripe, retain the taste and good for health.


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