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Policies and General Regulations

1. Introduction

Welcome to

We are Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd., whose head office is at 30 Bao Tan Tan Thang, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu Dist. Ho Chi Minh, established e-commerce website through website and has been officially registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

When you access our website, you agree to these terms. The website reserves the right to alter, modify, add or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes take effect immediately upon posting on the site without prior notice. And when you continue to use the site, after the changes to these terms have been posted, you agree to the changes.

Please check regularly to update our changes.

2. Instruction for using website 

 To enter our site, customers must be 18 years old or under the supervision of a parent or a legal guardian. Clients shall ensure that they have full civil acts in order to conduct product purchases and sale transactions according to the current provisions of Vietnamese law.

We will issue an account so that customers can shop on following our Terms and Conditions.

Customers will have to register their accounts with credentials about themselves and must update if there are any changes. Each visitor is responsible for their password, account and activity on the web. Furthermore, customers must inform us when the account is accessed illegally. We do not accept any liability whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, for any loss or damage caused by your non-compliance.

 It is strictly prohibited to use any part of this website for commercial purposes or on behalf of any third party without our permission expressed with written documents. If you violate any of these terms, we will cancel your guest account without notice.

During the registration process, you agree to receive promotional emails from the website. If you do not wish to continue receiving mail, you can opt out by clicking the link at the bottom of every promotional email.

3. Customer opinion

All of your site content and comments are our property. If we detect any fake information, we will immediately lock your account or apply other measures in accordance with Vietnamese law.

4. Accept orders and prices

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order for any reason related to technical or systematic defects at any time. We can ask more about phone number and address before receiving the orders.

We are committed to providing the most accurate price information to consumers. However, mistakes are sometimes made, for example, if the price of the product is not displayed correctly on the website or if the price is incorrect, we will contact for further instructions or notice of cancellation. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders whether or not they have been confirmed or paid.

5. Change or cancel the transaction at

In any case, customers have the right to terminate the transaction if the following measures are taken:

Notify of the transaction cancellation through the hotline 1900-9097 or at contact section.

Return received products but have not used or enjoyed any benefits from them (in accordance with the provisions of the return policy at Return Policy section.)

6. Resolving the consequences of incorrect information input at

Customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate information when participating in transactions at AeonEshop. In case customers enter the wrong information sent to e-commerce site, we have the right to refuse to perform the transaction. In addition, in any case, customers have the right to unilaterally terminate the transaction if the following measures have been taken:

  • Notify AeonEshop via hotline 1900-9097 or contact us.
  • Return received products but have not used or enjoyed any benefits from them.

In case of any false information arising from AeonEshop that we may prove to be a system defect or from AeonEshop, we will compensate customers with a discount for subsequent purchases with the amount depending on specific occastions and have the right not to execute false transactions.

7. Brand and copyright

All intellectual property rights (whether registered or unregistered), information content and all design, text, graphics, software, images, video, music, audio, Soft, source code and basic software are all our assets. All contents of the site is protected by Vietnam's copyright laws and international conventions. All rights reserved.

8. Jurisdiction

The terms, conditions and contents of this website are governed by the laws of Vietnam and Vietnam courts will handle any disputes arising from the unauthorized use of this site.

9. Private Policy

Our website values ​​the confidentiality of information and uses the best measures to protect your information and payment. Your information during the payment process will be encrypted for your safety. After you complete the order process, you will exit the safety mode.

You may not use any other programs, tools or other forms of software to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. The site also prohibits the spreading, propagation or encouragement of any activity that interferes with, disrupts or infiltrates system data. Individuals or organizations in violation will be deprived of all rights and will be prosecuted if necessary.

Any transaction information will be kept confidential except in the case of regulatory authorities.

Secure and convenient payment at AeonEshop

Buyers can refer to the following payment methods and choose the appropriate method:

Option 1: Direct payment (the buyer receives the products at the seller's address):

Step 1: Buyer searches information about products or services posted;

Step 2: Buyer arrives at the seller’s address

Step 3: Buyer pays and receives products;

Option 2: Postpay (COD - delivery and cash in delivery):

Step 1: Buyer searches information about products or services posted;

Step 2: Buyer authenticates the order (phone, message, email);

Step 3: Seller Confirmed Buyer Information;

Step 4: The seller delivers the products;

Step 5: Buyer picks up and pays.

Option 3: Online payment via credit card, transfer

Step 1: Buyer searches information about products or services posted;

Step 2: Buyer authenticates the order (phone, message, email);

Step 3: Seller Confirmed Buyer Information;

Step 4: Buyer pays;

Step 5: The seller delivers the products;

Step 6: Buyers receive products.

Shoppers buying from must follow the company's payment policy.

11. Secure transaction at AeonEshop

We use services to protect information about the content that sellers post products on AeonEshop, to ensure successful transactions, minimize the risk that may arise.

12. Settlement of disputes

Any disputes, complaints or disputes arising from or related to transactions at AeonEshop or these Terms and Conditions shall be settled by negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and / or court action. According to the Consumer Protection Act Chapter 4 on Settlement of Disputes between consumers and organizations and individuals who trade goods and services.

13. Laws and jurisdiction in the territory of Vietnam

All these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement (and all obligations arising from contract or otherwise) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. If any dispute arises under these Terms of Use, you have the right to submit your complaint / grievance to the competent court in Vietnam for settlement.



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