Warranty Policy



In order for goods to be eligible for warranty, the following requirements must be met:

  • Warranty card and invoice or receipt are available.
  • Warranty card must be filled in with complete and correct product information.
  • Warranty card must be intact without being torn, erased or modified.
  • Warranty and seal stamp must remain intact.
  • Technical faults of goods must be certified by the Warranty center to be the manufacturer’s fault.
  • LCD screen must have a score of 05 or higher

Note: Warranty must comply with the manufacturer’s policy.

  • One of the requirements from Section 1 is not met.
  • The series number and model do not match those written in the warranty card.
  • Customers have attempted to modify or repair the product at other warranty centers without the manufacturer’s permission.
  • Damage to the product was caused by failure to follow usage instructions or by natural disasters, corrosion, crash, insects or animals…
  • The product was subject to wrong voltage, unstable current, spoiled water…
  • The product was used for business purposes in restaurants, hotels, offices, for reservation and display…
  • Accessories such as: belt, plug, remote, control, cover, press button, adapter… are not in the warranty list.
  • Damage was caused by natural attrion, scratch and stain during use.
  • Damage was caused by natural disasters, fire, unstable current or improper assembly and transportation, …
  • LCD screen with fading color.
  • Data storage devices; Copyrighted softwares.
  • Accessories, including charger set, headphone, cable, plug, remote control, promotional gifts.


  • All household appliances must be transported by customers to the Warranty center.
  • All refrigerating and electronic devices (refrigerator, washing machine, TV…) are eligible for warranty at home.
  • Customers must pay all costs for delivery to the Warranty center (if any).

Note : If the product or component is not in the warranty list, customers must pay all costs for changing components and repairing the product.


   If you have any technical problems or problems related to product warranty, please contact us at

   Hotline : 19009097 or Email: hotro@aeon.com.vn

   Address  : 30 Bờ Bao Tân Thắng , Sơn Kỳ Ward, Tân Phú District (Ecommerce Department)

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